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2007 Anno El Possible

December 2--Solo Electronics Summit with Caustic Castle (Richmond) + Constant Mauk (Richmond) + Promute (Chapel Hill) + Medical Gaze (DC) + Roccoco Pagoda (DC)

Caustic Castle--(Richmond, VA) is Kenneth Yates, also of the improvised noise duos Harm Stryker (w/ Constant Mauk) & Insects With Tits (w/ Chefkirk). He also organizes shows with the HzCollective . Kenny utilizes the no-input mixing technique coupled with live processing using the on-board mixer EQ's, various filters, effects pedals and aux-sends to re-route the paths in which the feedback loops interact. With his music usually comes an abstract visual fascination with architecture and its psychogeographical effects. Lately Caustic Castle has been collaborating with abstract visual manipulator Eric Eaton who uses looped 16mm film, detourned slide images, and stop motion video. Inspired by past revolutionary art and social movements like DaDa, Surrealism & the Situationiste Internationale, Caustic Castle struggles to find a parallel between art, sound & social unrest. New net-release album from Zeromoon as a free download: http://www.archive.org/details/zero087

Constant Mauk--(Richmond, VA)--One half of abstract electronics duo Harm Stryker, Kelly Nourse creates intense, emotional and hightly nuanced free noise. Her performance at this year's Sonic Circuits was one of the highlights, but don't take my word for it--check out the sounds on her myspace page.

Promute--(Chapel Hill, NC) Originally from Chicago, Shaun Sandor's solo project Promute brings down dronescapes of light and shadow using keyboards and homemade electronics.

Medical Gaze--(DC) This summer, Zach Mason recorded a synth pop CDR under the name The One Warm Spark, which was mastered by Devin Ocampo at Silver Sonya. However, Sunday's performance will explore themes of his earlier "ambient power electronics" work: automated systems, phases, and synthesized metallic tones, but with more emphasis on dissonance.

Rococo Pagoda--(DC) Rococo Pagoda arose from the Kew Gardens and flew to Fairfax, VA, despite being constructed out of hard multi-colored greystock bricks and being neirly fifty meters tall. He plays cello, which is amplified and run through delay, oscillation and loops, using extended techniques and the occassional chopstick. As Doug Stailey, his other bands include Sansyou and Field Shaman. Special guest Dave Nicholas.

SPECIAL EVENT!!! Monday November 19
Electric Possible and the Washington D.C. Chapter of ARSC present:

Ian Nagoski lecture and sound presentation: "The Black Mirror: Ethnic Music on 78rpm recordings, 1918-1955"

Ian will be playing selections from his forthcoming compilation CD "The Black Mirror" to be released on the Dust to Digital label. Great unheard sounds and lost history revealed! More info below!

78 enthusiast and owner of the True Vine Record Shop in Baltimore,
Maryland, Ian Nagoski will be playing and talking about music from all
over the world from the first half of the 20th century to celebrate
the release of a collection entitled "The Black Mirror". To be issued
on November 20th by the esteemed Dust to Digital label, Mr. Nagoski's
collection of 78 recordings come from around the world, have never
before been reissued, and span the years 1918-1955. Please join us and
hear long forgotten music from Syria, Bali, Scotland, Thailand,
Ukraine, China, Camaroon, India, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Vietnam,
Yugoslavia, Japan, Poland, Greece, Java, Portugal, Laos, Sweden and


$5--all money goes to the artists!
7:00 pm, Monday, Nov 19, 2007


Marvin Center, Rm 206
800 21st St, NW (between H and I streets)
George Washington University
Washington, DC

November 4--Electro-acoustic free improvisation mini-festival! Aleasthete + John Berndt/Tyler Wilcox Duo + Field Shaman + Safe (CDR release!)+ Majick Rainbow Station

Aleasthete--Freeform electro-acoustic ramblings from members of Pilesar & Mosquito Death Squadron using toys, ethnic percussion, electronics, loops, and shortwave radio. Personnel includes Jason Mullinax (aka Pilesar) and Jason Tremblay.

John Berndt/Tyler Wilcox Duo--Sax appeal! Dual/duel of extended saxophone techniques. John Berndt hails from Baltimore, where he is a key co-conspirator behind Red Room, High Zero, and a million free improv collaborations. Rare DC appearance!

Field Shaman--Field Shaman periodically arises from crevices deep in the earth in a cloud of incense which barely covers up the sulphurous fumes of the abyss from whence they come. By the light of the waning crescent moon they will weave their psychedelic mayhem and intimate noise through treatments of cello, guitar and disembodied
voices, drawing at once into their web both the dreamers and those who merely speculate. Bring your own consciousness.

Safe--Great electro-acoustic ree improvisation from duo of Dave Vosh on modular Doepfer synthesizer and Tyler Higgins on autoharp, banjo & electronics. This performance celebrates the release of their self-titled CDR on Panic Research Audio! Comes with bonus DVD! Also check out their online release from Zeromoon: archive.org/details/zero085 (free download)

Majick Rainbow Station--a new duo comprised of Barrett (Leafy Green, Obetrol, ex-Seahorse Staircase) and PJ (Plums, Dyer Lowry, Spaceships Panic Orbit), features guitars, fx, computers, keyboards, and voices.

October 7--Expanding the Boundaries of Noise with Cash Slave Clique (including special guest dancer Ginger Wagg & MC Nina Walia) + Twilight Memories of the Three Suns + TL0741 + dance/sound installation by Ginger Wagg!

Cash Slave Clique (DC)--The clique creates "go-go noise core" (combining DC's Go Go with noise) to unite all cash slaves in order to defeat the spectacle. Power electronics duo combines the mayhem of 36 (DC legend Sam Lohman of Baltek/Nimrod/Japan Overseas Records) and Rape Ape. Tonight they'll be joined by special guest dancer Ginger Waggand MC Nina Walia.

Twilight Memories of the Three Suns--Five piece electro-acoustic noise ensemble combines performance aspects and unusual instruments (macaroni, water, paper shredding, shattered glass) on a trip through the underworld.

TL0741--Pat Gillis departs from his collaborations with Northern Machine and The Angus Brainpan for an exploration of atavistic sonic impulses. A dynamic alchemical universe of electronic antimusic is conjured using tape manipulation, digital sampling, analogue synthesizers (Moog and Ion) and audio processing. This promises to be an "expanded line-up" as TL0741 continues its el possible residency of sorts. Both HC3 Music and Panic Research Audio will be releasing TL0741 recordings later this year.

Plus special work-in-progress dance installation by Ginger Wagg.
"I Am Almost Positive: a sorting (of loss) and redistribution"
sound score - Rebecca Mills (Caution Curves)
photography - Rhonda Gregorio

Sept 9--Sonic Circuits: Panic Research Audio label showcase--Rape Ape + TL0741 + Tone Ghosting + Birds in the Meadow + Franz de Waal (Netherlands)

Rape Ape--Deviously named solo project from Jon Simler of Cash Slave Clique. Expect a deviously brewed batch of power electronics that defies expectations! Panic Research Audio CDR release coming soon!

TL0741--Pat Gillis departs from his collaborations with Northern Machine and The Angus Brainpan for a solo exploration of atavistic sonic impulses. A dynamic alchemical universe of electronic antimusic is conjured using tape manipulation, digital sampling, analogue synthesizers (Moog and Ion) and audio processing. Both HC3 Music and Panic Research Audio will be releasing TL0741 recordings later this year.

Tone Ghosting--Rhythmic pscychedelic drones using extended bass techniques. Solo project of Jeff Bagato (Spaceships Panic Orbit). Panic Research Audio CDR release coming soon!

Birds in the Meadow--(Richmond, VA) Acoustic free improvisation using extended techniques with the zither-like Marxophone.

Franz de Waal--(Netherlands) Special surprise guest from Beequeen and other projects remixes an audio landscape comprised of sounds from a shipbuilding dock.

August 5--Electronics Mayhem with Sejayno (feat. homemade instruments of Peter Blasser) + Aaron Leitko + Starry Chatter

Sejayno (Balto)--Sejayno's head honcho is Peter Blasser, a guy who's revolutionizing electronic instruments by designing his own circuitry and the theory to go with it. His homemade contraptions are highly sought after in the underground electronics scene. You always know when you see one, as they're wooden boxes with crazy decorations and a multitude of metal pegs sticking up from the top; musicians play them by pressing on these nodes at random, which makes random and ever changing connections inside the circuits. I don't fully understand it myself. All I know is that the last time Blasser played in DC was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. More on him below. Sejayno's new CD is on Megaphone, previous LP on Heresee.

Blasser's instrument design stuff: http://www.ciat-lonbarde.net

Official Heresee bio: "Members of sejayno release a morphic aura into the air through the utilization of therapeutic breathing techniques, fumblings, and fantasies about sexual tourism. The Swedenbourgian 'airplane' becomes reality along with the use of tubas and guitars and poetic resonance. You may know Peter Blasser as "ciat-lonbarde" or the next incarnation of dr.who imagining bob moog as interpreted by the paper circuit in the form of the seed of life. Carson Garhart is not only "cute" but was also the phantasmal skeleton in 'the skeletons' and Severiano Martinez is the man behind it all."

Mario Diaz de Leon--Emotive songscapes crafted from vocals and guitar. Solo project of Sejayno's live sound mixman!

Aaron Leitko (DC)--Leitko builds abstract electronic soundscapes with sensitivity and precision and just enough gritty dirt to keep them interesting. Check his CDR on SocketsCDR.

Starry Chatter--Brand new DC based duo combines the analog electronics of Dave Vosh (Safe) and the extended bass noise techniques of Jeff Bagato (Tone Ghosting, Spaceships Panic Orbit).

July 1--Matt Weston/Tone Ghosting Duo + The Blue Prostitutes + Brazen Robbers

Matt Weston/Tone Ghosting Duo--Reprising their meeting at Sonic Circuits '06, this dynamic percusion and electronics duo brings new energry to free improvisation. Weston plays a unique drum kit built around a kettle drum and cymbals. Tone Ghosting (Jeff Bagato) creates frenzied soundscapes of electronic noises, vocals, and electronic drum beats. This show kicks off their mini-tour of VA/NC/TN. Represent!

Blue Prostitutes (Philly/DC)--Madcap noise-jazz quintet of Sam Lohman (36/Cash Slave Clique) on drums, Aaron Moore on drums, J Reeve on electronics, Jason LaFarge (bass), and Vinnie Paternostro (Temple of Bon Matin) on sax & effects.

Brazen Robbers--Offshoot of avant rock/psych outfit They Can Also Take Our Crow sure to deliver a similar blast of kraut/prog/jazz energy. Last show (?) before Scott moves to San Diego.

June 3--Hat City Intuitive + Rape Ape + Slim Castle

Hat City Intuitive--"Evolving over 17 years ago from the equally fertile and toxic fields of Western Connecticut/Westchester, NY that spawned such acts as Tower Recordings, Bunnybrains, and Cro-Magnon, The Hat City Intuitive (aka HCI) have been experimenting with the purest forms of improvisation, dabbling in free jazz, noise-rock, and just -sounds as sounds."--from their myspace page:�www.myspace.com/hatcitysounds
1995--Superlux Records "Happiness Is A One Trick Pony/Crying Is Shaped Like A Seahorse"�
2000--Crank Automotive "They Must be Clapping For...Me"�
2006--"Narrow Miss On The Chamber Pot"
2006--"/....//../..// (grey goose & a whole lotta hydro)"�

Legendary "old weird America" outfit founded in Danbury (aka Hat City) CT by a bunch of ex-hardcore kids now destroying guitars/drums/sax/electronics in a different idiom. Or is it all that different, really? Group includes Many Spaceships of Spaceships Panic Orbit and The Plums. Recordings on Arlington's Crank Automotive and their own label (also based in Arlington, VA. But don't bother looking for the LP put out by Matt Valentine/Tower Recordings.) New member Gene Moore is scheduled to make the trip!

Rape Ape--Deviously named solo project from Jon Simler of Cash Slave Clique. Expect a deviously brewed batch of power electronics that defies expectations!

Slim Castle--Former guitarist for Kohoutek writes: "Slim Castle is built around a goosebump factory. The engineers examined the goosebump architecture of bad bands and transposed it to a setting with a lot more taste, stretching the most cathartic sections. The result sometimes sounds like Charles Bronson's early, furtive watercolors- blunt, broad washes on burlap that aren't scared of beauty, but have some grit and backbone. Other more frilly tracks are laced with sketchy aural pentimenti and outlined mistake. In live performance the recordings are stripped down and scrawled over with gestural guitar, lit with syncopated video, and made more rough and immediate." Hear his CDR release in the Electric Possible Assembling magazine.

May 6--Aleasthete + Field Shaman + more TBA

Aleasthete--Using toys, ethnic percussion, electronics, loops, and shortwave radio, this duo creates quirky and slowly evolving improvisational soundscapes.  Personnel includes Jason Mullinax (aka Pilesar, former Mosquito Death Squadron drummer) and Jason Tremblay (current guitarist for new group Pilesar and the Quagmire).

Field Shaman--Northern Virginia nexus of avant-garde and experimental folk. Field Shaman is improvisation-based, with Richard Sheehe on guitar, treatments and voice, and Doug Stailey on cello and loops. This date will be the debut of Field Shaman's  "Life Profile" series, with spoken word elements and special guest Anthony Pirog (from Janel and Anthony) on guitar.

Bryan Leister/Edgar Endress Duo--Leister creates installation/performance pieces that feature real-time interactive video and sensor driven sound using software such as Max/MSP/Jitter and Reason. Somehow a theremin is involved in triggering the sound. Come see how he does it! Endress is new media artist and a member of the Floating Lab Collective

April  1--Fourth Anniversary Show!
with Facemat, Piasa, & Spaceships Panic Orbit!

Facemat--DC/MD free noise ensemble brings it strong with keyboards, guitar, percussion machines and more. They've done noise covers of Hendrix's "Machine Gun," world-beat punk synth noise, crazy experiments with reel-to-reel tape players (as Tape Rape), and free noise blowouts (as Power Bottom Orchestra). When the Facemat posse is in the house, you know it will be wild & fresh. Many great CDs on Flitted Records. Features member of Kohoutek.

Piasa--Northern Virginia free noise ensemble brings it strong with in-your-face power electronics, junk percussion, and performance art.

Spaceships Panic Orbit--Reunion show with original members Many Spaceships (guitar, noise), Special Orbit (laptop, noise), and DJ Panic (vinyl, hacksaw, noise). They're just doin' it for the money! Name drop alert: Many's "first band" Hat City Intuitive is currently basking in it's "weird old America" cred in it's New England homebase, performing lots of shows with Thurston's bro Gene Moore. Oh yeah, Many & SO are in The Plums, and DJP is aka Tone Ghosting.

Open Call for Participants: 
Electric Possible Assembling Magazine
In April, the Electric Possible series marks its fourth anniversary. To commemorate and celebrate the occassion, I�m calling on the community of musicians, artists, poets, & audience to participate in a special �assembling magazine� project. For an assembling magazine, participants turn in multiple copies of an artwork, which is collated and bound with other submissions to form a single publication.

For the Electric Possible Assembling Magazine, please create 100 copies of an 8.5 x 11 artwork. We will collate and assemble the magazines at the April 1 concert. You may mail your pages to me by March 31, or simply bring them with you to the concert. Each contributor will receive a copy of the finished product (or more than one, depending on the number of contributors). Please forward this invitation to anyone you think may be interested in participating. Ideally, the finished project will reflect the current experimental music community surrounding the El Possible series.

You may design and manufacture your page however you want. Photocopying is a common technique. However, assembling magazines are most interesting when the pages involve handmade, individual touches. You could add rubber stampings, stickers, drawings, collage, etc. You may design your page to document your band/music project, share a poem, or display artwork. You could attach a CDR or photograph. Your page doesn�t have to be made out of paper, either! Think about it, be creative, but please participate! Using both sides of the page is recommended. Anything goes, but please stick to the size and format.

An assembling magazine is a collaborative happening in print that revolutionizes the creation of a print publication. The idea rose from the Fluxus and mail art networks starting in the 1970s. Richard Kostelanetz initiated one of the first, called �Assembling� (which is where the generic name comes from), but there were many others. These projects circumvent the usual editorial restrictions enforced by most other publications, placing control back in the artists� hands, where it belongs. I contributed to several assembling magazines in the 1990s and I continue to treasure them today. More information on assembling magazines may be found by following the links below.




To participate in Electric Possible�s 4th Anniversary Assembling Magazine:
1. Create 100 copies of  8.5 x 11 size
2. Simply bring them to the April 1 concert. 
or mail them by March 31 to
Jeff Bagato
P. O. Box 2482
Merrifield, VA 22116

March 4--Five Into One: Solos + group improvisation with Angus Brainpan, Leo Heinzel, Ms. Conception, The Thing with the Stuff, & Utenzil! 
It's a concept: Five soloists perform their own music and then re-take the floor en masse for one big group free improvisation that drives music and musicians into totally new sonic territory! "Imagine the possibilities!"

Angus Brainpan--Shoegaze/noise duo returns to El Possible! Cheryl (guitars + efx) a/k/a Alas Dies Laughing (solo) and part of the pre-Pogus Al Margolis project Thick Slimy Whisper (www.pogus.com). Pat (synths + efx/noises) a/k/a TL0741 (solo) (www.myspace.com/tl0741) and half of the sound Northern Machine. (Yes, this is a duo in an evening of solos. We're mixing it up even more than usual!)

Leo Heinzel--Leo is the percussionist for Nova noise collective PIASA, which means he uses sheet metal, drums, bells and whetever else is laying around. his solo performances are a collision of messed up casio loops and frantic drumming. Recent cd on Medusa Head Records of CA.

Ms. Conception--A one woman act using live instrumentation
and pre recorded waves of sound.  she hails from ny by way of dallas
by way of philly.

Thing with the Stuff with IKA--Dada performance filled with improvised visual/musical chaos with dancing, singing, screaming, and other fun things.

Utenzil--Homemade double-neck keyboard guitar & electronics

Sunday February 4--Radding/Wright/Drury/Wooley Quartet, plus Cutest Puppy in the World, Zach Mason

Radding/Wright/Drury/Wooley Quartet--Free improv powerhouse combines the talents of saxophone legend Jack Wright, bassist Reuben Radding, percussionist Andrew Drury, and trumpeter Nate Wooley. These gents have played in numerous configurations with a who's who of musicians from the free jazz & free improv scenes, and are featured on scores of recordings. Not to be missed!

Cutest Puppy in the World--With a growing collection of CDR releases on the SocketsCDR label and their own productions, Cutest Puppy have secured their place in DC's experimental music pantheon. Such as it is. Anyway, these guys bring a pile of equipment with which they tinker, play, explore, and generally fart around, leaving amazed audiences in their wake. Right, that equipment would include keyboards, guitar, singing bowls, styrofoam, kalimba, metal, and other stuff.

Zach Mason--Newly emerged in the scene, Zach creates carefully realized electronic sound structures that lead one through the alleyways of reflection. More info: http://www.myspace.com/sadmnky

Sunday January 7, 2007--THEREMANIA!! All theremin show with Coven of One + Rupert & Art + Echolalia + Dave Vosh

Coven of One--Solo project of Nicoletta Stephanz incorporating voice, theremin & other instruments. Nic has played theremin with Legendary Pink Dots, Daevid Allen (Gong), and with three groups at the recent Gong Reunion Festival in Amsterdam.

Rupert & Art--Duo of Ruppert Chappelle & Art Harrison plays homemade & Moog theremins plus other electronic gadgets. Formerly known as legendary late 70's group Jobs for America. Art currently plays theremin for The Cassettes.

Echolalia-- Scene favorite doing lots of shows & collaborations of late, bringing the latest advance in her solo theremin + electronics experiments.

Dave Vosh--Analog electronics improvisation with a set up that includes a theremin module.

Also included screening of "Joe Theremin," 6 minute film directed by Terry King, featuring music by Art Harrison (and supporting roles by Katie Couric's parents!)

Theremania! was wildly attended (with 87 paid admissions) and previewed by Express, Washington City Paper, and Washington Post Weekend.

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