Electric Possible 

2003 show log

DC's mad monthly laboratory for promethean sound experiments

New Technology, New Spirit, New Energy, New Music.

2003 Anno El Possible

**all shows at George Washington University, Phillips Hall, Rm B120 unless otherwise noted**

December 7--El Possible IX
Mikrobes applies the big band concept to electronica by rotating a cast of DC laptop and electronica all-stars, including members of Mikroknytes, EBSK, Caution Curves, and others.

Facemat -- young DC duo leads a groovalicious excursion through the wilds of noise, electronica and world music. 

Bustghosters -- laptop electronica from lead vocalist of Springfield,  VA, hardcore band Shit Fit.

November 2--El Possible VIII
Hat City Intuitive with rdk
Hat City Intuitve is a quartet with members in Brooklyn, Arlington (VA), and their hometown of Danbury, CT--the real live "Hat City USA." HCI mix free improv with punk, electronica and other avant garde references in a sprawling journey through weird America. Writing for Village Voice, critic Byron Coley declared their second CD one of the best releases of 2001.

rdk--DC's own retro-futuristic electronics duo of Davis White (ex-Lorelei) and David Rickert play Satie covers and dark-soundtrack originals that reference early Kraftwork and Tomita to delight and amaze you. Their new CD is beautiful, complex, classical pop, a Belle Epoque vision of the future.  Hear a sample mp3 of rdk. "rdk" stands for "radio disease killer" one item in Rickert's collection of quack musical instruments. View the Quackatorium.

October 5--El Possible VII
James Mckinney and Shuni Tsou duo! Plus DC laptop sensations Caution Curves and Dan Linfield
James Mckinney plays piano, Suni Tsou plays bamboo flutes; their duo work is passionate, lyrical, and epic; they'll take you  to church and the Great Wall of China at the same time. 

Both Caution Curves and Dan Linfield play laptop electronics solo and with Mikrobes. Linfield performs with video.

September 6--El Possible VI
DC Improvisor's Collective with Noumenal Lingam--The big hitters of DC free jazz in one big evening of cosmic communication!

DCIC is an ensemble/laboratory exploring the intersection of jazz, contemporary composition and experimental music.Jonathan Matis - guitar/electronics; Mark Merella - drums & percussion; Jon Ozment - organ/electric piano/synths; Mike Sebastian - tenor and soprano saxophones/bass clarinet. http://www.snackrecords.com/catalog/dcic.html

Noumenal Lingam returns from its cosmomythic retreat to sonically entice fire out of water, wind out of a still void. Structured improvisation under astro-maroon fertility chants. All in the service of that bright day when humanity turns the page and goes on to read into destiny the remainder of our post-historical journey. (dig?) Noumenal Lingam is Thomas Stanley on vocals and other sounds; Chris Downing on wavedrum and freeboards; James Mckinney on piano and Herman Patterson on bass. www.soundzimpossible.com

Friday, August 22-El Possible V
Temple of Bon Matin--Newlyweds Ed Wilcox (drums) and Leslie Q (bass) bring their big freak  jazz-rock band down from Philly for a night of "Sun Ra in a leather jacket" style excitement. Bulb recording artists! replica hublot--electro-acoustic free improv. This incarnation will be a trio of Many Spaceships on sax/guitar/etc, 36 on drums/electronics, DJ Panic on vinyl LPs played with hacksaw.

July 6--Electric Possible IV
Neil Feather--Baltimore's own mad-scientist of sound brings a selection of his inventions for freeak improvisation

Violet Panic--DC's Violet (homemades and prepared/destroyed instruments) and DJ Panic (electronics triggered by sawing vinyl LPs) in a first-time collaboration right before your very eyes

D. Thumbski--(Mikroknytes' Derek Morton) uses reprogrammed Gameboy to make sweet beats for groovy freaks

June 1--Electric Possible III
Chen/Pumphrey/Neidhardt Trio--Baltimore improvisors Audrey Chen (cello, former guitar, voice), Chris fake breitling watches Pumphrey (Rhodes piano, sax) and Paul Neidhardt (percussion/objects)

Spaceships Panic Orbit 36--electroacoustic free improv trio from WDC with Many Spaceships (reeds/guitar/moog), Special Orbit (laptop electronics), DJ Panic (electronics triggered by sawing vinyl LPs), 36 (percussion & electronics). 

May 4--Electric Possible II
THE DORKESTRA--Chuck Bettis (Trance and the Arcade, All-Scars, Metamatics) returns to DC for one night only of free improvisation, playing laptop electronics in collaboration with improvisors from Baltimore's notorious Red Room: Catherine Pancake on drums invention rolex and hydrophones, Tom Boram on synthesizers, and Bob Wagner on percussion and electronic percussion

DGE (Dang Gang Electronics)--DC based laptop duo of PJ Brownlee & Jonathan Cox of the Dang Gang video collective

April 19--Electric Possible I
with Spaceships Panic Orbit, Mikroknytes, EBSK, DC Improvisors Collective, at Joe's Movement Emporium, Mt. Ranier, MD

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